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Are you looking for help from a lawyer specialising in labour law? We have built up a great deal of experience in both consultancy and litigation practice. We handle all aspects of labour law, assisting mainly companies, but also the individual employee, directors and works councils. Van Gelder Advocaten can help you restart stalled negotiations, so that agreement can be reached on an arrangement or settlement agreement to terminate employment contracts. Van Gelder Advocaten also boasts special expertise in the field of integrity, such as issues related to #MeToo, assault and/or abuse.

Working method labour law consultancy
When you opt for Van Gelder Advocaten, you will always know what to expect and where you stand: we will communicate with you in a clear and timely manner. Van Gelder Advocaten has a creative team that uses strong tactics. With the right strategy, we ensure that we can provide you with advice quickly and tactically. Our labour law specialists are passionate: they will go through fire and water to achieve the best possible result for you.

Various aspects of labour law
At Van Gelder Advocaten, we specialise in labour law consultancy. We will be pleased to provide further advice on the following aspects of labour law:

  • employment contract;
  • personnel file;
  • company regulations/staff handbook;
  • Collective Labour Agreement;
  • actual or impending conflict in the workplace;
  • claim for wages;
  • inadequate performance;
  • suspension;
  • summary dismissal;
  • illness/incapacity for work and rehabilitation;
  • transfer of undertaking;
  • amendment to employment conditions;
  • works council;
  • termination of employment contract; dismissal, cancellation, termination by mutual consent;
  • non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality clauses;
  • retirement;
  • reorganisation;
  • director under the articles of association.

I am looking for a labour lawyer!
Van Gelder Advocaten is broadly active in the field of labour law and provides legal advice. Request a free consultation today. Whether it concerns an employment contract, pension schemes, an industrial conflict or any other aspect of employment law: we are at your service with labour law consultancy.

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