Casper de Bont

Pragmatic, expert and an eye for detail

Casper has a pragmatic approach and an eye for detail. This enables him to effectively represent his clients' interests. Not only in solving problems, but also in preventing them. For an expert sparring partner, Casper is the right person to turn to.

A dispute often involves more than just the business aspect. The influence in the personal sphere can be great, but also the impact on, for example, the company's reputation. Being able to make the difference at times like these gives Casper a lot of energy.

"Prevention is better than cure”

He would rather make sure in advance that it will not come to that. For example, by guiding clients in making clear agreements with other parties or by mapping out the possible risks and mutual interests at an earlier stage. Casper will not lose sight of the fact that this is often where the greatest gains for clients can be made.

Outside the office Casper can often be found on his bike, in nature or near one or more special cars.

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