Melanie Hermes

Melanie is a lawyer in privacy and employment law at Van Gelder Advocaten. In addition, she is team leader of the privacy law team. This combination of, on the one hand, having her feet in the clay and, on the other hand, being allowed to supervise colleagues and develop new ideas, suits her well. Working together in a team is also what she missed before as an independent entrepreneur. That entrepreneurship, however, is still in her blood, so she speaks the language of her enterprising clients and knows what concerns them. This enables Melanie to think along proactively and to avoid legal hassle wherever possible.

Personal, driven and with an eye for detail

When Melanie gets involved in a case, she only lets go once the maximum has been achieved. This often results in intensive cooperation with the client. She is not one for unnecessary fuss, but she does have an eye for detail. So don't expect long memos from Melanie; she prefers to focus on specific steps that will lead to a solution to the problem or issue.

Never done with learning

After completing two university studies, Melanie was still far from being exhausted. She subsequently followed various in-depth training courses within a broad (legal) perspective and is CIPP/E and CIPM certified. Moreover, she is currently following the postgraduate specialist course in Employment Law at the prestigious Grotius Academy. Melanie derives satisfaction from sharing her knowledge with others and has already written a book on the intersection of privacy and employment law and regularly provides training courses.

Outside of the office Melanie enjoys photography and can regularly be found in the city of Paris.


melanie hermes

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