Marthe Leijs

Marthe completed the Master's in Business Law at Tilburg University in 2018. In that year, privacy law started to become a "hot topic" due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). Marthe therefore wrote her master's thesis on the AVG and linked it to corporate law issues and risk management. Her preference for the subject of privacy originated there.

After her studies, Marthe followed an international law course at the Catholic University of Leuven for six months. She then gained work experience in the banking sector in the area of the Wwft and in consultancy in the area of privacy. Marthe likes to offer clients practical solutions and does not only look at what cannot be done, but especially at what can be done. She obtained her CIPP/E certification in 2021, a European standard in the field of privacy.

Finally, Marthe can regularly be found in the gym in her free time. She also enjoys socializing with friends.



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