Marieke van Gelder

Lawyer/ Partner with power & creativity

Marieke is the founder and fire starter of Van Gelder Advocaten. She is the source of many ideas for new products, services or opportunities. The creative ideas bubble up from her head day and night, and she is also known externally as being very customer- and people-oriented.


Entrepreneurial & optimistic

After graduating, she gained experience as a lawyer in corporate law, insolvency law, labor law, privacy law and in reorganizations and company takeovers. And in the meantime her entrepreneurial blood was bubbling.  When the time was right, she grabbed her chance: Van Gelder Advocaten was born.


Marieke tackles every case with an open mind and with a clear focus. She effortlessly puts herself in the shoes of her clients, many of whom are fellow entrepreneurs. They come to know her as efficient, open-minded and optimistic. With these last characteristics - the broad outlook and the positive attitude - her legal solutions are regularly surprising. Moreover, she is ambitious. "I like to be the best at what I do."


Socially involved

The commitment that Marieke puts into her work also manifests itself outside her work. She is, among other things, (has been) involved as a board member and volunteer with various social organizations, such as in the cultural sector, social employment, network for women and Rotary Club Oisterwijk De Kampina. In short, very diverse organizations that show her broad interest in her fellow man.


Within Van Gelder Advocaten, a substantial amount is set aside each year to support socially relevant organizations. In recent years we have worked together with, among others, the Ronald McDonald House in Tilburg and Cello Zorg in Sint-Michielsgestel and 's-Hertogenbosch.

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Marieke van Gelder

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