Jorn van der Wal

Goal-oriented and binding

Jorn is an go-getter: from an early age his goal was to become a lawyer as soon as possible. It is no coincidence that he completed his university studies at the age of 21. His ambition has paid off: in August 2021 Jorn was sworn in as a lawyer. Jorn mainly focuses on employment law in his practice.

Jorn derives satisfaction from the fact that he can mean something to others. For him, the basis of each case starts with the personal connection with the client. In his view, a good connection with the client creates equality, reciprocity and commitment.

''Bonding with the client is for me essential for a successful cooperation''

Business and society

In addition to ambitions in the legal profession, Jorn's motivation also manifests itself outside his work. Among other things, he has been active for years as a trainer, player and organizer at various soccer clubs. In addition to being able to make a voluntary contribution, he also enjoys the social aspect. Jorn feels at home at a business reception, as well as in a cozy canteen.

Team player

Jorn is seen as a real team player in his environment. He is always ready when someone asks for help. This, in combination with his sincere view of things, results in a clear and pleasant cooperation.



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