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The changing social view of healthcare has a huge impact on healthcare facilities, home care and hospitals. These changes also have major implications from a legal perspective. Are you looking for a lawyer who has an overview of health law or advice on legal questions about care and welfare? Van Gelder Advocaten helps resolve these issues.

Questions lawyer care and welfare

A number of employment law consequences flow from the changes in healthcare, such as staff flexibility and adjustment of employment conditions. In addition, the General Data Protection Regulation and exchange of privacy-sensitive information is a much-discussed item within healthcare.

The specific laws and regulations in healthcare should not be overlooked, such as the Medical Treatment Agreement Act, the Healthcare Complaints and Disputes Act, the Individual Healthcare Professions Act, the Youth Act and the Health Insurance Act. Van Gelder Advocaten is your sparring partner for questions on these and other issues in the field of care and welfare.

Hiring a lawyer for integrity issues

Van Gelder Advocaten has particular expertise in integrity issues in the healthcare sector. We also offer pragmatic solutions to reorganisations in the healthcare sector that do justice to both the human aspect and the requirements of sound and efficient management.

In this respect, the healthcare sector is increasingly turning to project-based and temporary deployment of expert staff. There are more staff with short-term employment contracts or self-employed workers. Van Gelder Advocaten is perfectly familiar with the applicable laws and regulations and applicable collective labour agreements in the healthcare sector and will be happy to advise you on them.

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