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In the retail and manufacturing sector, it is important to continuously monitor changing market conditions and, if necessary, innovate along with these changes. This involves various legal issues, such as questions about contracts with suppliers and customers, return and complaint rights, and questions about liability. What kind of (international) contracts do you conclude with your suppliers, are your general terms and conditions sufficient and what about your (product) liability? Van Gelder Advocaten will be happy to help you with these issues.

Lawyer in the retail and production sector

The retail and manufacturing sector is always in a state of flux. Growth and shrinkage follow each other in quick succession. Many different parties are active in this sector in order to sell as many products as possible. In time, this can lead to situations where legal help is desirable.

Manufacturers and retail organisations, for instance, increasingly choose to sell their products through franchising or distribution. These legal relationships not infrequently lead to conflicts or even litigation. In addition, producers try to get their products in the best place on the shelf. This too regularly leads to disputes with contracting parties and competitors.

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Adapting staffing levels in the event of growth and shrinkage, drafting or assessing reorganisation plans and working towards a financially healthy organisation are among Van Gelder Advocaten's specialisms. In the event of disputes or conflicts over contracts and with competitors, Van Gelder Advocaten helps to resolve them constructively and effectively.

Are you facing such a change in your organisationm dispute or conflict, or are you looking for (legal) help to prevent problems? Contact us to get acquainted without any obligation.

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