Lawyer for non-profit organisation

A non-profit organisation may face various legal issues. Moreover, there are different stakeholders, such as government for subsidies and other companies for investments. There may also be accounting obligations that can benefit from legal advice. For these and other questions, Van Gelder Advocaten will be happy to help you.

Legal help for non-profit organisations

The objective of a non-profit organisation is usually to support private or public affairs for non-commercial, social purposes. It is often a foundation or association dedicated to (for example) art, education, politics, research or development aid.

A non-profit organisation usually involves several parties, both internal and external. In addition, a non-profit organisation regularly encounters issues where legal advice is advisable or even necessary.

The best specialist

We can be helpful in all facets a non-profit organisation faces. We have particular expertise in governance and integrity issues in the non-profit sector. Even if we do not have certain specialisms in-house, we know where to find the best specialist for you.


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Van Gelder Advocaten specialises in helping entrepreneurs and companies in various areas. We also have years of experience and knowledge and expertise for non-profit organisations to help in a personal and targeted way. Contact us to get acquainted without any obligation.

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