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The childcare industry is subject to many changes. Shrinkage, growth by or changes in legal provisions and/or regulations mean that childcare entrepreneurs often have to change with it. This can lead to questions, legal or otherwise. Van Gelder Advocaten assists organisations in the implementation of reorganisations as well as in the harmonisation from nursery to day-care centre.

Changes in the sector

The childcare sector never stands still. A few years ago, the demand for childcare services fell sharply, causing the sector to shrink. As a result, the industry was (constantly) facing staff cuts and organisations were forced to reorganise.

From 2016, the demand for childcare rose again due to an increase in the number of people in work and the widening of childcare subsidies. In addition, new quality criteria will apply from 2018 as a result of the Innovation and Quality of Childcare Act (IKK Act), requiring more staff. The childcare industry is also expected to grow in the coming years, with a growing demand for childcare workers.

Legal implications of childcare changes

As of 2018, the Act on the Harmonisation of Childcare and Preschool Work also took effect. This Act harmonised playgroups and childcare, and playgroups now fall under the definition of childcare.

The harmonisation has personnel and financial consequences for organisations. Meanwhile, many playgroups have transformed into childcare centres. In practice, the harmonisation of employment conditions still sometimes proves to be a bottleneck. We also assist you with these bottlenecks.

Lawyer in transition processes and childcare reorganisation

The lawyers at Van Gelder Advocaten are familiar with the legal issues involved in such reorganisations. Think about the applicable collective labour agreement, the specific legal provisions that apply in childcare and the implementation of a sustainable personnel policy, so that familiar faces in childcare can be retained.

Guidance from Van Gelder Advocaten on reorganisation, restructuring or harmonisation stands for diligence and care, with a constant focus on the organisation's employees. Customisation is the standard. Customisation is also the standard in integrity issues, for example in the case of (suspected) undesirable behaviour. Van Gelder Advocaten also has special expertise in this area.

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