Lawyer for accountancy

As an accountant, you regularly face legal questions, for example about (employment) contracts, terms and conditions, debtor management and other (money) matters. In some cases, you can advise on these yourself. Nevertheless, it may be useful to have these legal issues investigated and settled by lawyers with expertise in accountancy. If so, Van Gelder Advocaten is the address to (have) you help with this.

Legal advice for accountants

For accountants who need legal advice themselves, or who want sound legal advice for their clients: Van Gelder Lawyers is the place to go. We have been working with accountants and financial specialists for many years. We speak the language and can ensure effective and efficient service through our experience.

Lawyer for business relations

As an accountant yourself, you are also involved with various companies and parties. From these business relationships may come the desire for legal assistance, either in the accountant's duties or for other matters. Here too, Van Gelder Advocaten can assist you and your business relation.

Advice and support Van Gelder Advocaten

We specialise in organisations and the entrepreneurial individuals who form the basis of their organisation. We advise and support accountants with legal problems they encounter or can help business relations with legal issues. You can always contact us to ask your questions and get acquainted. Then together we will see what we can do for you.

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